Of the making of many books, CDs, DVDs there is no end! That is probably more so when we come to think of the Jewish people and the Gospel.


In our list of resources we do not attempt to duplicate what is easily available in Christian Bookshops, for example, books on Jewish background, but we do recommend some items. Our work is evangelism, not selling books, so we limit ourselves to those materials which directly forward that aim.


Our approach is to provide and recommend a few good resources, some of which we have imported ourselves as they is not generally available in Australia. These materials are to help you understand your Jewish friends better and to share Messiah with them.


Why is providing resources so important? Because most Jewish believers in Jesus in the world today first heard the Gospel through a Christian friend; someone like you! These resources are to help you be a better witness to the glory and truth of Jesus the Messiah.




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