Our Beliefs

Christian Witness to Israel is an organisation whose Basis of Faith is the Holy Scriptures as taught by the Protestant Churches and delineated in the following historic confessions of the Reformation: The Belgic Confession (1561), The 39 Articles of the Church of England (1562), The Heidelberg Catechism (1562), The Westminster Confession of Faith (1647), The Savoy Declaration (1658) and The Baptist Confession of Faith (1689).


The mission requires of its staff that nothing shall be taught or encouraged contrary to the consensus of the above Confessions provided that where those Confessions are not in agreement each worker shall be at liberty to teach, encourage and practise whichever of the views he or she embraces.


The Doctrinal Statement is a brief summary of this consensus.


End-time eschatology:

It will be noticed that the Doctrinal Statement takes no position on end-time eschatology, which is often seen as an area given special attention by missions to the Jews. Among CWI staff a variety of views from among the traditional formulations are held but it is our practice not to teach any one view in our magazine, the Herald, or to teach on any one view in churches as part of our ministry to them, unless specifically asked to do so. We believe that the differences between the traditional formulations (premillennial, postmillennial and amillenial) have little effect on the way Jewish evangelism is done, and none of them diminish the Church

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