Rabbi Henry Bregman

an orthodox Rabbi who believed. - Read More >

Rabbi Leopold Cohn

born in the late 19th century, in Berezna, Hungary and officiated as a Rabbi in Hungary. - Read More >

Rabbi Rudolf Hermann Gurland

son of a Rabbi in Vilnia, Lithuania, in the 19th century and himself became a Rabbi in Wilkomir. - Read More >

Rabbi Asher Levy

born in Yugoslavia in the 19th century he served as a Rabbi for 35 years in a number of countries - Read More >

Rabbi Phillip Philips

raised in a pious Jewish family in the USA in the 19th century he became a Rabbi in New York. - Read More >

Rabbi Max Wertheimer

raised in an orthodox home he studied in New York to be a Reform Rabbi and officiated in Dayton, Ohio for ten years. - Read More >

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